Apple struggling to meet demand for iPhone 4S orders, says analyst

A report has suggested that Apple is in a situation where there is a higher demand for iPhone 4S handsets than they can supply.

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IllusionRSN2368d ago

Doesn't this usually happen with most Apple releases? Glad I'm sticking with my 4.

Speed-Racer2368d ago

Pretty much. They have a solid user base, so it's expected.

Claude2368d ago

Oh those iPhone fanboys...fueling the sales

DiabeticJedi2367d ago

your right... normally sales of products are fueled by fans of said product.... lol

Sierra1172368d ago

Well, seeing as it's only a rumour, let's wait and see official stats. But still, pretty much expected.

Goodfella782368d ago

Imagine the demand this would have if it was sold at a fair price!,.,.,.

Gondee2368d ago

It is at a fair price. 200 is not that bad, the same as the rest of the high end smartphones

Goodfella782367d ago

sorry should of specified i meant pay as you go cash price,the iphone 4s is £500 here in the uk,where as the galaxy s2 can be had for £399 on pay as you go on the o2 network,and spec wise the iphone 4s is no better then the galaxy s2,.,.,.

DiabeticJedi2367d ago

I don't get it... it's only $10 more than a Galaxy S2

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