Padvance: AviiQ Smart Case for iPad 2 Review

Raymond Padilla from Padvance writes:

If you're looking for stylish protection for your iPad 2 and don't want to add a lot of bulk then the AViiQ Smart Case for iPad 2 is worth a look. Made of plastic and aluminum, this case only adds 4.1 ounces of weight and 1.5mm of thickness. Read on for more thoughts and several pictures of the Smart Case for iPad 2.

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yichen2395d ago

If I'm going to have a case on my iPad, then I'd rather the back to be fully covered than still having to rely on the default Apple foldable cover. However, this does look quite sleek.

spall032395d ago

that thing looks pretty slick.

mrthedge2395d ago

When I travel, I keep mine in a padded manila envelope. It's not high tech, but it does the job.

yichen2394d ago

I currently carry mine in a Muji zip-lock case. Does the job and no scratches so far :)

Padvance2394d ago

Really great review, looks much studier than the Apple smart covers.

Speed-Racer2394d ago (Edited 2394d ago )

Of course it's a great review, your site wrote it. /S

Ryudo2394d ago


Your comment made me blacklist your site forever...