AMD releases Catalyst 11.10 drivers

MD's latest version of their Catalyst driver, 11.10, gets released.

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SnakeCQC2395d ago

i live in the uk and have an msi r6850 would using american drivers matter?

hiredhelp2394d ago (Edited 2394d ago )

No buddy it wouldnt, im in UK been in computers over 10 years doesnt work like that.
Just uninstall your old drivers then reboot, then install new drivers.

Personally if your drivers u have run games you play on fine give you no issues,theres no real need to update.
Unless you play a new game that needs this update i would leave it,but as for if you can install it yes you can.

Raimond2394d ago

it completely messed up my visuals in RAGE. Had to revert!

Sobari2394d ago

I think the real problem is that you're playing RAGE. Period.

Raimond2394d ago

lol true. Uncharted 3 came out today.