Siri now possible on iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4G with Jailbreak

Two hackers have managed to port a limited version of Siri to a jailbroken iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4G.

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RonyDean2396d ago

YESSSSS!!!!! Time to throw out my old iPod Touch!

Just another example that makes me amazed by hackers.

Speed-Racer2396d ago

Wonder how fast Apple will try to shut down the service to jailbreak phones

Sobari2396d ago

Apple has tried to make jailbreaking illegal, but the courts ruled against them. The only thing they can do to jailbreakers now is void their warranty.

Speed-Racer2396d ago

But in this case where jailbroken phones access their server, I guess the same will apply. Either brick the phones or block the service somehow.

KingPin2396d ago

hackers and modders do things that the manufacturers can do but dont want to do.

see, if they released siri for older iphones capable of doing it, why would they want the new iphone? its nothing new. HTC is the same. it took the hackers to port sense ui 3.0 to the older HTC models like the Desire Z and Desire HD <both of which are on Sense UI 2.0>

fatstarr2396d ago

should have been possible from the start. you are correct, I think its to catch users that don't know, very easy if you ask me.

-Mezzo-2396d ago

Since i don't have an iPhone 4 or 4S, i will try the Siri on my iPod Touch 4G.

contra1572396d ago

Bound to happen sooner or later

theonlylolking2395d ago

If the iphone was open then think of all the possibilities!