Battlefield 3: Desktop PC Platform Recharged (BmR) As one of the most highly anticipated video game sequels of all time, Battlefield 3 will soon be released to gamers worldwide. Originally developed for PC gamers and their powerful enthusiast-level desktop computers, the Battlefield franchise has since diversified its platform portfolio to gaming consoles in a successful pursuit for increased revenue. While the Battlefield series is a solid income-earning product for the developers, it has also become one of the last few remaining hopes for PC gamers to restore their diminishing ranks. But will BF3 deliver enough boost to business to sustain the desktop platform, or will this become yet another historically short period when software demands more hardware instead of vice versa?

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Speed-Racer2396d ago

Funny enough a friend mentioned the same idea mentioned by the writer.

-Mezzo-2395d ago

I really want to get a PC good enough to run this game, but unfortunately i am broke right now.

fatstarr2395d ago

I call bs all day bs bs bs bs bs.

I was depressed all week because one of my friends was playing crysis 2 and left for dead 2 and other new games, in 1080p everything maxed with a 9800gtx...
everything ran fine for the most part i was really disappointed .