HP: TouchPads Are Officially Out Everywhere

FleshEatingZipper says: "In a just-released e-mail, Hewlett-Packard has confirmed that its big splash into (and bigger withdrawal from) the tablet space with webOS is now officially gone forever. This announcement of the TouchPad’s death comes a day after new CEO Meg Whitman announced that their computer group isn’t going to be spun off and the fate of the webOS group, which the company bought a year ago for $1.2 billion, is yet to be determined (hint: they’re going to get laid off). "

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-Mezzo-2400d ago

It's a shame that it all ended like this for "Touchpad", from the day i used it, it seemed pretty solid Tablet.

Beating iPad is almost becoming an impossible feat for companies, "Kindle Fire" remains the only Tablet that's posing a serious threat to iPad, lets see how it does.

Axecution2398d ago

Kindle Fire?

I dont even know what that is lol. I'd say the Galaxy Tab is the biggest contender.

fatstarr2398d ago

id have to second that, the galaxy series = apples biggest competitor hence why apple fears samsung so much they see that they are the only company that could literally demolish them

gamer78042398d ago

I'd have to agree with Mezzo, the galaxy is a fine tablet, it still won't steal the marketshare from the ipad, the kindle fire however runs android and is at a price point more consumers can stomach.

fatstarr2398d ago

I really want one, some kid in class has one on dual boot running android and webos. smh I offered him 120 but he is clearly in love with it -_-..

badkolo2398d ago

that webos latest update is hot, windows 8 will be ported to it as hp is testing that now and 2.3 android is almost done being ported with cm7, its a great tablet for the killer price.

Software_Lover2397d ago

I hate what Best Buy is doing with the last batch. Making you (well not making you but you get the idea) buy an HP laptop just to be able to buy the touchpad. I dont think that is fair, but its business.