10 of the world's creepiest gadgets

MSNBC writes:
Halloween comes just once a year, but there are manufacturers out there that are creeping us out with technology every single day. Be warned: the following list of contraptions will haunt you. Before you know it, you're wearing a tinfoil hat and giving your toaster the stink eye.

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-Mezzo-2397d ago

Damn, it can't possibly get creepier than "FaceBank".

fatstarr2395d ago

facebank reminds me of the dinosaur from that everybody walk the dinosaur show.

-Mezzo-2395d ago

Agreed, but there are much, much more creepy gadgets out there. it's weird that most of them come from Japan.

Fel082396d ago

I want that USB finger.

fatstarr2395d ago

all of these gave me spine/back chills

Winkle922395d ago

Those are a bit creepy, but that Alpha Dog is actually really cool. It's amazing how close it seems to be approaching true walking- especially when they tried to push it over.