Samsung Overtakes Apple In Smartphone Sales

Samsung overtook Apple to become the world's biggest shipper of smartphones between July and September.

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Anarki2370d ago

About time. People need to wake up and stop buying the brands and get what is actually GOOD!

-Mezzo-2370d ago

Agreed, Brand loyalty is the reason alot of Smartphones just go unnoticed.

thebudgetgamer2370d ago

Is this one of those there's more phones with droid so its got better market share type of thing. How many different phones does samsung sell.

_Q_2367d ago

So the mistake of a competitor to create only one device makes this point moot? I think not.. It doesnt change that Samsung is making phones(and selling) desirable phones.

-Mezzo-2370d ago

And it's so deserving, their Smartphones have nothing but amazing, i have owned Galaxy S & S2 & i loved them.

It's about time Apple's Brand loyalty died, i hope this will be kind of an eye opener for Apple & now they get on making some serious advancement with their next iPhone.

fatstarr2369d ago

their brand loyalty isn't dieing anytime soon. i see more apple branded products in a day. its disgusting I have a picture somewhere of a water fight and you had to give some your your phone to hold. on that table were about 70 phones. 50/70 were some form of an i phone.

Nolando2370d ago

I have a samsung focus WP7, amazing phone, I am happy Apple is not number 1 anymore.

fatstarr2369d ago

same here time to break up the tiers

MGO_Count2369d ago

Good Job Samsung.
I used to be a loyal Apple user. But their ecosystem just sucks - -. Apps are too expensive and all my good songs are stuck with iTunes forever.

Its not great if you have more than 1 ipod in your house and if you want to transfer music to your PS3 or other devices.

So if you're with Apple, you are stuck with Apple.

I guess some people are just stuck. Loyal.. right lol

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The story is too old to be commented.