MapDroyd Android App

TecStories: Every so often I will post an Android app that I use or have found that interests me and are free, with today's application being MapDroyd. Now we all know to get any form of map-viewing or navigation done, the Google Maps app is the place to go but what if you want a an app that has maps which shows detail all the way down to restaurants and shopping malls without needing a constant internet connection, well MapDroyd is that app. MapDroyd allows the user to simply download the maps once, not the entire world at once, but the countries that you want and then navigate them offline whenever you want.

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Madusha2430d ago

Thanks for bringing this nice app into my attention. Wanted something like this for my iPod Touch.

fatstarr2429d ago

if it would have had turn by turn like the default maps/places on android I would down load it this instant. it should be a must for the slight chance that you are kidnapped