Stop Online Piracy Act could cripple sites like YouTube, Twitter, storage lockers, and more

The U.S. House of Representatives has introduced a new bill called the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) that would grant the state Attorney General to force ISPs, payment gateways and search engines to block “rogue” sites engaging in illegally selling copyrighted material.

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RonyDean2372d ago

NOOOOO! The Representatives NEED to be stopped!

Speed-Racer2372d ago

Obama would be crazy to let that pass even if it reached past the Senate.

Baliw2372d ago

Create a Bill "To avoid massive priced games"

heroicjanitor2371d ago

I bet this is the Republicans, i.e. the corporation party.

Speed-Racer2371d ago

Surprisingly both democrats and republics are in favor of it... under the guise of "privacy"

fatstarr2371d ago

when the internet revolts they will wonder why. gonna be pissing off close to a 100million people in the US alone.

Sierra1172372d ago

Oh dear, this is gonna wreak havoc. Always a bad idea to push things without expert consultation.

-Mezzo-2372d ago

This shouldn't get passed, people these days are spending almost 50% of their times on these Social sites that this posses a threat to, just like (Sierra117) said "This Will Wreak Havoc".

I highly doubt it'll get pass.

Pikajew2372d ago

That is a bad idia. Piracy is a good thing, it helps you see stuff befor you buy it to see if you like it.

No one wants to spend 60$ on a game that looks fun and hate it.

thereapersson2372d ago

That's what renting is for

KILLERAPP2371d ago

Not anymore, they are making online passes so if you rent a game you can't play it after is been played for the first time, you need a code to play online and they block things in single player too. Companies are pushing back...

fatstarr2371d ago

I agree. also songs should be fee and I hate going to the movies now, they should just simulstream movies via online for like $3. I would never pirate a movie again.

C_Menz2371d ago

I doubt they would allow this to pass. If it did pass then it would be a huge blow to the openness of the internet, something that has been under fire for the past few years. If they were to close down Youtube, Twitter, possibly Facebook? then I hope they are ready for something much larger than the current "occupy" protests.

Most likely the bill is being proposed a bit harsher than they actually want it, and in the end it will be watered down a bit to increase regulation and possibly shut down actual illegal sites and not social media.

Trying to control social media can cause even more trouble, just look at all of the revolutions and civil wars in the Middle East and Africa. In most cases they blame it on social media and even went as far as trying to shut down the sites and cut off internet to try to stop the issue. Did it work? Hell no, it just pissed them off even further.

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