Pocket Gamer: Hands-on with Nokia's premium Windows Phone device - Lumia 800

In the face of iOS, Android, and then Windows Phone, Symbian just wasn't up to it, which is why Nokia's finally handed all its future Symbian development over to Accenture, and adopted Windows Phone for its smartphones.

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NiKK_4192544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

Somewhat of a letdown, though. No Front Facing Camera is ridiculous to not have when every other WP7 coming out has one. Nokia better step it up after this.

Edit: Just to be clear, the missing FFC is not the only problem I have with this phone.

mcstorm2544d ago

I see why people feel let down by Nokia but I think they are looking at the mid market with this phone as HTC Titn and the Samsung Phone will be the Geeks phone over xmas but the Nokia phone is about looks and feel and it is the best looking WP7 so far and feels the best too.

Don't forget Nokia said they would bring a phone out every 3 months for WP7 so ide expect to see a high end phone from them in 3 months time.

-Mezzo-2543d ago (Edited 2543d ago )

looks Great, but so did "Nokia N8", but i'm once again hopeful that this time Nokia will get it right.

Nolando2543d ago (Edited 2543d ago )

Rumor is that they have one more "high-end" phone to announce hopefully by Jan. I love windows phones, and my contract will be up in a year so I cant wait to see the plethora of awesome phones available by then.

I really hope Nokia makes a WP7 with a FFC (not super important but a novelty that other highend phones have), 1.5 Ghz like the HTC titan (maybe a dual core although again not too important), and at least a 4 inch screen.

then i will buy Nokia, because i know they make great sturdy phones, but if not I will just upgrade to the new samsung focus S or whatever version will be out by then.

EDIT: Oh at least 16 GB or memory, 32 would be amazing!

fatstarr2540d ago

Nokia might be making a smart choice with this one.