Opinion: Why I went from Mac back to Windows

Josh Lundberg thought he'd never buy another PC again. Here he explains what happened that changed his mind.

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Fel082366d ago

Really well written article. I like how he explained why he went back to Windows, without being bias.

-Mezzo-2366d ago

Agreed, great article indeed, i don't have any problem with "Mac's", it has great solid Hardware & Software. But Apple's Macbook & Mac pricing model just flat out suck, they are selling their products at least $300 more than they should be.

TheEatingVodka2366d ago

Nice educated man.. If I was him I'd just say "Mac is shit Windows is better and that's why I left."

Fel082366d ago

Good thing not everyone is as immature as u r.

Mikefizzled2366d ago

If you proving your not immature spell the words correctly then!
as you are* Thank me later

-Mezzo-2366d ago

Don't be naive, Mac has a lot going for it,like great Hardware.

fatstarr2364d ago

sike, I see the same hardware specs and better on every computer now a days there is no difference especially if you build your own rigs.

thebudgetgamer2366d ago

The only reason I would chose windows over OSX is gaming.

fatstarr2364d ago

I have a lot of reasons why windows is the better choice. to be the dark side you can get literally every program on windows for free.

there are no limits to what you can do with a windows machine. I use a mac and I feel restrained.

Hassassin2361d ago

Just so u know, u can also get free programs on Mac... it's a bit harder (a bit= two or three more steps only)

-Mezzo-2366d ago

Exactly, i have no idea why you got 2 Disagrees, if you are into Gaming, Windows Laptop is an easy choice.

fatstarr2364d ago

Posted this straight on to facebook for all these sucke... Mac users to see.

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