Windows 8 sure looks like it violates Apple's new 'Slide to unlock' patent

Apple's arsenal of patents potentially became stronger this week, when the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office awarded the company another patent related to unlock gestures on a touchscreen device.

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mcgrottys2431d ago

nope, it doesn't. What apple patented was the "slide to unlock" thing, not slide to unlock in general so as long as google and ms don't have a small slider on their devives they are fine.

badz1492431d ago

slide to unlock is patented too? it's stupid just like their "browsing pictures with fingers" kinda thing that made Samsung banned in Europe!

buddymagoo2430d ago (Edited 2430d ago )

MS should just do thumbprint twist to unlock(90* anti clockwise.) No copyright here, I'm giving that away for free!

jerethdagryphon2430d ago

doesnt froyo already use that exact method .

these patents are getting rediculas

fatstarr2430d ago

smh apple is gonna trade mark apples next.

the things large companies can get away with now adays.

-Mezzo-2429d ago

I think MS is smart enough to apply some changes to it, you know to avoid the "PATENT".

Human Analog2431d ago

Jesus.... Thats like copyrighting the alphabet. Well played Steve... Well played.

colonel1792430d ago

I think the did it because of all copycats around. He was trying to protect his ideas even if it meant overboard.

Just look like every phone and tablet after apple launched theirs. They are all look-alikes.

contra1572430d ago

Yea, cant other companies find other ways to unlock a device then coping Apple? I dont think its really overboard, its what made IOS. Apple deserves this one.

KingPin2430d ago

tablets have been around wwaaaayyyy longer than the iPad.
So is this whole slide to unlock. im sorry, iv been using slide-to-unlock on my sony ericsson P900 way before the iphone even saw the light of day.

its amazing, with Apples marketing everyone seems to think they are the creators of all things.
i take it some people also think the ipod was the first mp3 player out there. those people should google "sony walkman".

i think ima patent "uncap to drink" then coca cola, and any bottle company out there will have to pay me for something they already doing.

mcstorm2430d ago

KingPin I agree with you tablets have been around alot longer than the Ipad but they were never pushed in the same way as the Ipad. What Apple have done over this past few years is very good and I hold my hands up and say well done as they say a gap in the market that MS did not have which was none business. But what they are doing now is wrong. Slide to lock was not done on the Ipod or Iphone 1st its been on other smart phones for years I remember my wimo having one.

But I can see why Apple keep doing this as they for some reason think people keep copying them. But im sorry apple there not.

Wimo had icons on there home screen before you did and to think android is a copy of IOS is wrong it has more links to Wimon than IOS.

But to me they can carry on doing this as its going to be there downfall. Android has already over taken them in the phone market and WP7 is starting to gain market share now and with windows 8 tablets out next year I think it will be the end of the Ipad as there will be device looking just as nice as the Ipad but will do everything a pc will unlike an Ipad or even an Android tablet and with the Metro UI looking and working amazing and unlike any other device out there apple will not be able to try and stop MS sell the devices.

But every company takes ideas for another look at the new IOS5 and the little slide bar at the top. Android has had this for years or having a camera unlock button for when the phone is locked WP7 has had this since the start.

But this has to end soon or a change needs to be made to the Patent law as its now starting to get out of hand.

fatstarr2430d ago

technically there were pocket pcs and they all had that central circle button b4 the icrap products. sad to say none of this is new the designs have been around for ages

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Strange_Evil2431d ago

I smell an impending law-suit!!!

zerocrossing2431d ago (Edited 2431d ago )

Appla going through with a law-suit? that's crazy talk ;D

fatstarr2430d ago

they are already up to their necks in legal battles,

-Mezzo-2429d ago

While i agree with you, i doubt they "Apple" would leave them alone.

fatstarr2428d ago

the judge will probably just throw out the case eventually

zerocrossing2431d ago

Didn't Steve Jobs make a comment saying something like "Good artists copy great artists steal" So it's ok for Apple to steal ideas and even admit to it, but no one can copy anything Apple thinks up?

SirBillyBones2430d ago

Yup. He was a dick and a huge hypocrite. < says it all

kaveti66162430d ago

That image is bull. Bill Gates verbally abused his employees all the time.

Both men had their flaws.

gamingdroid2430d ago

It's just one had bigger flaws than the other... lol.

GrumpyVeteran2430d ago

Hope a lawsuit happens and Microsoft smashes Apple into the ground.

Der_Fuhrer2430d ago (Edited 2430d ago )

Why? Because Apple cares about making GREAT products more than other companies?...and once they make something revolutionary, others follow suit with the same products? You guys say they copy other people also, but everything Apple makes is the best...everything everyone else makes is just an imitation.

iPad>All imitators

You mad?

jidery2430d ago

My Opinion>Others Opinion

Slugg3r2430d ago Show
GrumpyVeteran2430d ago (Edited 2430d ago )

I'll give you iPod>Zune, but that's it. Everything else you said is incorrect. Apple deserve to go up in flames.

NiKK_4192430d ago (Edited 2430d ago )

I'll agree with everything except Zune. Zune is better. And by that I mean Zune on PC, Windows Phone 7, and Zune HD; all aspects of Zune.

I'm not actually comparing the iPod Touch with the Zune HD, just the Zune Media experience itself. iPod Touch vs Zune HD: iPod Touch is a much better all-around product, but Zune kills iTunes, especially with Zune Pass. But, for pure media, Zune HD WAS better.

Everything else is right. In most ways, at least.

RioKing2430d ago (Edited 2430d ago )

"Apple deserve to go up in flames."

Why? Because Steve Jobs was a total douche? Almost every negative thing you can say about Apple can/should be redirected right at him...not the company itself IMO.

Der_Fuhrer2430d ago (Edited 2430d ago )

Zune could possibly be better...I'm not familiar enough with it to bet money against it. But my best friend recently switched from Zune to iTunes and said he preferred iTunes..but that's him.

Edit: Nikk_419, you and GrumpyVeteran seem to have conflicting opinions haha.

SirBillyBones2430d ago

Haha they've really brainwashed you well Fuhrer. Speaking of which, I remember another Fuhrer who tried to impose his crazy misguided views on other people. Fortunately these days people seem to have more accurate bullshit meters. Mine went off when I read your comment.

KingPin2430d ago (Edited 2430d ago )

winamp >itunes <has way more features for way more mp3 players including ipod>

sony walkman >ipod <drums the ipod into the ground. poor marketing is why it didnt sell>

android > iOS <i guess you like being controlled and told what you can and cant do with your device. i do not>

PC (with linux) > Mac <clearly you dont know how far advanced linux is over Other OSs on the market.>

do some research before posting. it might make you look like less of an idiot.

Der_Fuhrer_22430d ago (Edited 2430d ago )

1. "sony walkman >ipod <drums the ipod into the ground. poor marketing is why it didnt sell"

2. "android > iOS <i guess you like being controlled and told what you can and cant do with your device. i do not>"

3. "PC (with linux) > Mac <clearly you dont know how far advanced linux is over Other OSs on the market."

_____________________________ ________________________

1. Sorry, I had a Walkman before an iPod...and I disagree, it didn't drum anything into the ground.

2. I don't like being controlled, that's why I jailbroke my iPhone :D And it's pretty much perfect the way it is.

3. I'm talking about Mac's as COMPUTERS...and they are waay better than PC's. Are you seriously gonna argue with me that PC's are better than Macs? And try comparing a PC running Linux and a Mac running Linux, go ahead. Sorry, truth hurts.

Crazay2430d ago (Edited 2430d ago )

German guy - I respectfully disagree things you say here.

Tablet PCs go back years now. HP(early 00s) had one long before the iPad was a wet dream in an Apple fanboys pants. They added some functionality and ***gasp*** finger gestures (I have a particularly effective finger gesture that I use all the time and would like to patent it) it like "swiping" and "pinching".

Did Apple do it better? One could argue that but they also castrating the technology unnecessarily in a few ways by removing USB, HDMI and removable media slots ALL of which are included in the Lenovo Tablet without the need of an overpriced cable and at a better price point.

Windows Media Player was around alllll the way back in '91 it just wasn't called WMP - as media developed, so did the functionality of it resulting in a "Branded" Media player called Windows Media Player in the late 90s' early 2000s.

Portable Audio players were coined and OWNED by Sony. Without the the Walkman, we all would have been walking around with Ghetto Blasters next to our heads for many years longer then we did. Sony invented and perfected the portable audio player long before anyone - iPod owes its very existence to the Walkman - Nuff said.

We can all argue the PC vs. Mac debate until we're all blue in the effin face. Quite frankly, I'm sick of the debate. The reality of the matter is that Macs NOW use off the shelf PC components whereas before, they used IMB Power PC architecture. At that time, due to the higher cost of parts, Apple actually had reason to be as overpriced as they were (though not to the degree they were). With all the parts they use now, there's no reason to charge $800 for a mac mini with such crappy specs.

Don't like Windows (I'm not in that boat)? I can accept that, use a FREE Distro of any flavor of Linux that you like. Ubuntu is actually pretty effin good. Toss that bad boy onto your vastly better home built PC for 1/3rd the price and call it a day.

jerethdagryphon2430d ago

mac vs pc gotta argue that one,

macosx a unix based os once designed for powerpc architecture now poerted to run on x86 /64 bit intel cpus, using motherboards equipped with efi extensible firmware interface, which is an upgraded bios design,

macs and pcs now have very little difference the diverence is the oc any pc can no work similar with moden linux varients like ubuntu or one of the other easy forms.

from 2012/13 efi replaces bios in motherboards

ipod may well beeat zune but thatsd marketing not tech

android> iphone anyday cost function asthetics

ill take my iconia over any ipad the techs the same but the cost and proformance of my iconia is better

apple does marketing bordering on brainwashing,

under patent law prior work is something close enough to show that the infringment was not intended this was proved several times so far

apples paent horde gives them amunition to fight in legal circles rather then the showroom floor, other then averge upgrades and a few bizarre features

ios hasnt changed the phone hasnt changed and people are starting to look elswhere for new products

your own words indicate how pervasive this apple made it it must be the best attitude is.

apple make mediocre stylish products

there pcs are the only product i respect but not at the price

i can build a hackintosh at less then 1/4 price and get equal or better proformance.

and yes thats a homebuild that runs macos x

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-Mezzo-2429d ago

I really hope so, but it is likely that the "judge" is also an Apple fan, since everyone is these days.

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