iPad 2 Smart Cover exploit allows users to bypass lock screen

Users have discovered a rather serious exploit with the iPad 2 and its Smart Cover. In just a few seconds, anyone could easily bypass the password lock screen and use whatever application was left running before the screen was locked.

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Sierra1171871d ago

Oh dear. That's quite an exploit. Though not really bad, but it has its repercussions.

Speed-Racer1871d ago

Apple now has a reason to release iOS 5.0.1 lol. This and Siri need to be fixed.

IllusionRSN1871d ago

God I was reading about this... that's just messed up!

RonyDean1871d ago

Glad I didn't shell out the $40+ bucks for one of these now!

xVeZx1871d ago

i dont understand why anyone would....sure it looks cool but theres no protection the "smart" cover isnt going to save it if it falls....isnt that the point of a cover? to protect....and serve....yeah....

Speed-Racer1871d ago

Well it's not a case. More to protect the screen from light stuff (e.g. maybe a coffee spill or a tiny pebble, etc.) more a gimmick though than anything.

Bereaver1870d ago

Well to be honest with you, it wouldn't matter if you "shelled it out" or not. Someone could buy one and then use it on your IPAD.

fatstarr1864d ago

What an exploit. staying extra far away from apple now :D