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Mac owners, Malware/Trojans more serious than you may think

OS-X Mac users have been urged to install a proper virus scanner, after a new and somewhat dangerous variant called Flashback.C was discovered.

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Speed-Racer2217d ago

Like anything, once it starts to become popular, people will try to break it. No one wants to claim fame in hacking or damaging an unpopular product. Now that Apple is making some market share headway, they're appearing on the radars now as a new target. I hope Apple takes things more seriously now.

RonyDean2217d ago

I think it is finally time for me to switch over to Linux.

Sierra1172217d ago

Yeah, as Racer-X said, that'll happen to any tech that becomes popular. Apple has lots of funny exploits built into them too lol.

Gondee2217d ago

Thats not that serious, all you have to do, is realize that your not downloading the real flash. I wish apple would take security seriously though...

Speed-Racer2217d ago

Yeaaaaaa... and yet it still happens

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