Android 4.0 ‘still not strong enough’ to compete with iPad, vendors fear

BGR - Google unveiled Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich alongside the Galaxy Nexus earlier this week and while initial responses have been fairly positive, vendors reportedly believe Google’s new OS lacks the innovation needed to bolster Android tablet sales. According to a report from industry watcher DigiTimes, tablet vendors were put off by Google’s focus on the Galaxy Nexus and smartphones during the unveiling of Android 4.0, fearing that the tech giant’s balance of resource distribution between handsets and tablets may begin favoring the former. The site’s anonymous sources say Android 4.0 features several improvements but it is “still not strong enough to help Android tablet PCs compete against iPad 2.” With Apple set to launch the iPad 3 as soon as March of next year according to the report, Google’s tablet-focused Android partners are said to be afraid “the technology gap between Android tablet PCs and iPad may expand further.” The report says several vendors are banking on Windows 8 rather than Android to help them gain consumer market share and mind share.

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adorie2401d ago (Edited 2401d ago )

they need to focus on a few things. further optimization, getting customers a standard for Android, how it should perform and look, or feel, and updates, which should go hand-in-hand with standard.

what could happen is that Google uses Motorola mobility to start up their own "Apple" and dump the other hardware manufacturers, or... they could keep doing what they are doing and design their own specific Android software that should or would transcend all other offerings from any of the other hardware people. This scenario is nothing new as HTC is looking into getting their own OS for their brand, fearing Google would do just that^

Others could follow and create a split market.

fatstarr2397d ago

what Google did with android is what Microsoft did with the PC market. its the smartest way to go. if they were to just dump everyone and go the apple route they would loose a lot of phone base once upgrade season comes around. or people would then root their phones to keep the old android os on their phones.

but not many people like Motorola so i could see htc and samsung going back to their windows roots and forgetting about Google if they ever did that.

fatstarr2397d ago

Android 4.0 looks good to me but after playing with windows 8 and actually seeing the tablet features there on my desktop I want to try it. when I finally get my tablet It will be dual boot windows 8 and android 4.0 both of them look good to me.

this should be looked up as an uphill battle since apple created the market for tablets.

-Mezzo-2397d ago

Ahh, media like always supporting the IOS.

I looks good to me.