Galaxy Nexus vs Samsung Galaxy S II

Pocket-Lint: Picture the Galaxy Nexus as a tabby and the Samsung Galaxy S II as a group of birds pecking around at Trafalgar Square. Now set that cat amongst theose pigeons and you’ll have some idea of the effect of the launch of the latest Nexus phone on those who already own or were looking to buy what is, was, or still might be Samsung’s top TouchWiz branded Android mobile phone. What we’re trying to say is that there might just be a new best handset in town.

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fatstarr2435d ago

seems the S II is just the phone to have right now. the only thing the nexus really has is sexy ice cream sandwich, both are good phones but i think i will wait for the inevitable S III and 4.0 seems like that will be the bench to beat based on the leaked specs.

Anarki2435d ago

Nothing can stop the GS2!! Glad I got one

-Mezzo-2435d ago

I completely agree, but i think Android 4.0 is a good enough reason to buy Galaxy Nexus over S2.