Nokia 800 Windows Phone's Three Colors Revealed

PocketNow: Besides adopting much of its design language from the "boutique" N9, it now looks like the upcoming Nokia 800 Windows Phone 7 will also come in the same trio of colors as its Meego-powered linemate. New imagery, which gives us the best look yet at a phone tipped to launch next week at London's Nokia World conference, shows the 3.7-inch handset sporting shades of black, blue, and pink.

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-Mezzo-2405d ago

For what i read, it's Nokia N9 for the Windows Phone 7 users.

adorie2405d ago

the phones look rather ugly. aesthetics are important. i've seen the most powerful phones have some nice curves or eye-candy to go with them. these nokia phones look like prizes you'd find inside one of those claw machines.

mcstorm2404d ago

Looking forward to seeing what Nokia bring to the table with WP7 although I jumped straight from my HD7 to the HTC Titan and glad I did the phone is amazing. But I think MS and Nokia will do well over the next few years with WP7 as its a very good OS system and Nokia do make some nice and very well build phones.