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RIM execs explain poor PlayBook sales

Pocket-Lint: Rim has acknowledged the two main reasons for poor BlackBerry PlayBook sales at the company’s Devcon event in San Francisco.

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fatstarr2424d ago

a company needs to make a differentiation strategy that shows the difference between them and the competition the same specs and for a cheaper price. its proven that with the touch pad from hp that people are waiting for a tablet they just need the right price.

its no sense paying 1000 for a laptop, 600 for a pc, 400 for a phone, 200 for a music playing device and then up to 600$ for a tablet that doesn't do anything different from the devices mentioned before

naughtyngga2422422d ago

well it really cost too much money IMO the blackberry app world is the absolut worst when it comes to apps even windows marketplace beats it. making the playbook compatible with android apps is the best choice for them rite now.