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Nokia smartphone sales down 39 per cent

Pocket-Lint: Nokia has just posted its Q3 sales results and things aren't looking too great for the company. The bottom line is that Nokia has managed a $94 million net loss in its third quarter with a worrying 39 per cent drop in smartphone sales.

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-Mezzo-2409d ago

Damn, things are not getting better for Nokia, i would hate to see a company who's Phone I've enjoyed for over 8 year, just go away.

badz1492407d ago

this is what happen when you hope to sell phones based on brand alone! it's a smartphone era and symbian is not good enough for it! iOS and Android are on the rise but Nokia opted for windows mobile exclusivity instead of Android! about bad business decision!

mcstorm2407d ago

I dont see it being bad business. Nokia picked WP7 over Android as there are too many big names using Android and HTC and Samsung own Android with the amount of devices they sell. Where WP7 is a new OS and has yet to have anyone take over as the lead phones.

Plus WP7 will be a big player in the next 24 months as it is the most stable OS on the market and also looks different to Android and IOS which look the same in terms of icons ect.

Plus MS are a power house in pushing software and with the changes MS are now making as a company with the metro UI it will only help people notice WP7 and with Nokias designs of Phones it will give WP7 the cool phone it is missing at the moment in terms of looks.

But to count Nokia out now because they have picked WP7 over android is daft looks at SE they have lost massive ground to HTC and Samsung with Android as it is a crowded market WP7 is not so it is the right move for them and also for MS.

badz1492407d ago

why cater to a smaller, yet to be successful OS compared to a more established OS which has a wider audience? don't you think people will be interested in Nokia if they offer Android phones now? despite their recent slump, Nokia is still a very respected names in cell phones market and has very strong market share before! the reason for their slump at the moment is because people are looking for smartphones and Nokia is just isn't offering any model decent enough to compete with Android phones and iPhones!

hard joe2408d ago

overpriced phones without any special features are no longer selling
people have just realized it recently?
next is your turn apple

FlashXIII2407d ago

Wasn't it Nokia who mocked the Iphone initially and said it wouldn't sell? Ironic really seeing how much damage it's done to them but I guess Nokia only have themselves to blame for not adapting to the market demands.

outwar60102407d ago (Edited 2407d ago )

hell yh ios and android landing the killer blows the only reason nokia isn't doing well was the fact that nokia enjoyed charging high prices for products that lacked innovation

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