Some of the coolest things about the iphone 4S

With the recent launch of the latest iphone 4S into the mobile phone market one thing is most certain--Iphone rules again. For those who are still wondering if this gadget has any enough to attractive or spike their interest to upgrade from Iphone 4 to the recently announced Iphone 4s, here are some cool features of the phone that might catch your interest.

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Anarki2437d ago

Can the media please get off apples D**K? sick of hearing about the iPhone. And, well......everything APPLE.

Danlord2437d ago

Take it easy dude-u know in the tech world the best products get the most attention. It's the iphone 4S reigh-so is Apple.;-)

Speed-Racer2436d ago

The best products? That's debatable.

People are just tired of hearing about steve jobs, including myself.

Danlord2436d ago

@ Racer-X. Sure but u have to know that the best product doesn't always have to be the best gadget it only has to be the best in terms of marketing. ;-)
And personally I don't think I am tire of hearing about Steve Jobs. That guy was a legend. I respect him for that.

ChrisW2436d ago

It may be cool soft and hardware... but has anyone noticed their 4S getting rather hot?

Mine was getting uncomfortable to the touch while using Skype with video after about 20 minutes.

Danlord2436d ago

@ ChrisW-Really? Le's just it's nothing more serious than that. I hear people complaining that their Iphone 4S displays appear more yellow and essentially, warmer overall

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