Steve Jobs Said He'd 'Go Thermonuclear War' On Google Over iPhone 'Theft'

Huffington Post - Escalating lawsuits and barbed comments by executives have dramatized the all-out war between Apple and Google for dominance over mobile devices.

But Walter Isaacson's authorized biography of Steve Jobs offers an unprecedented look at the Apple co-founder's battle-cry against Google, a company he thought was guilty of a "grand theft" when it launched its Android operating system, which competes directly with the iPhone and has surpassed it in popularity.

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-Mezzo-2433d ago

WOW, He was initially opposed to apps

Darkspade2432d ago

Steve Jobs and apple are Tools.. Everything they just released in there new IOS5 and Iphone 4s were on Android phones day one... Apple is a controlling company and should be put in there place

Farsendor12432d ago

well steve is dead so that really wasn't a nice comment yeah i don't like apple products that comment was just rude

TheEatingVodka2432d ago

He's right about Apple.. They are a bunch of tools that add things that are already found in Android and call it revolutionary, then sue Android because it copied from their iPhone..

Steve Jobs on the other hand was a great guy that actually revolutionized the industry..

NovusTerminus2432d ago

Just because someone dies does not suddenly make them some kind of genius saint.
It is sad he died.

Apple is a company more focused on lawsuits and getting Samsung products banned then innovating technology.

GilesCorey2432d ago

Dying doesn't remedy what you did when you were alive.

Agent_hitman2432d ago

Smartphone war?.. But too bad, steve jobs is gone, the competition is not that interesting anymore.. Oh life!

2432d ago