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Top 10 tablets that could topple the iPad 2

As we move into 2012, the iPad 2 is starting to see some true contenders to the throne. Android slates here and fiery Kindles over there. In fact, there are ten tablets either on store shelves or hitting tech shops soon that have the opportunity to put a dent in Apple's crown.

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-Mezzo-2494d ago

It could be "Kindle Fire", If Any.

PCRockStar2494d ago

Seriously, not going to happen. Kindle is the only competition.

Bolts2494d ago

The Windows 8 tablet is missing.

Mikefizzled2493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )

This should be renamed to:
Top 10 tablets that should topple the iPad 2
But won't since Apple have to many fanboys

wiggles2493d ago

It seems like the author just named every tablet on the market.

With RIM's problems, I can not see the playbook as a tablet that has potential to topple.