Facebook power users 'have gone to Google+ and Twitter'

Sean Parker, a co-founder of original music file-sharing service Napster and a prominent Facebook shareholder, as well as, one time president of the site, has gone on the record saying that the social network’s biggest problem is not privacy – it’s the fact that some of its heaviest users have defected to other services because of a lack of decent set of controls.

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Captain Tuttle2405d ago

Twitter sure but I'm not so sure about Google+

PCRockStar2405d ago

Agreed! They may use Twitter as well as Facebook but no one is going to Google+. I am friends with a number of folks at Google and they don't use it. Go figure!

Everyone I know that used it, doesn't use it now!

GrumpyVeteran2404d ago

Yep. Google+ is already dead.