7 Gadgets That Won't Be Around In 2020

Hindsight may always be 20-20, but you don’t need particularly great foresight to know many of the gadgets on today’s market won’t be around in 2020 given how quickly the tech industry keeps changing. In the first half of the 2000s, retailers were buzzing about the prospects of MP3 players and netbooks, but by the end of the decade, those products had largely been replaced by smartphones and tablets.

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Madusha2437d ago

I doubt consoles will disappear. Unlike most others on the list, gaming consoles have been around for longer than a decade.

killershadow1172437d ago

I agree, plus he says they will just be integrated into the TV and not standalone anymore. Does he think that Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony will just all agree to stop competing and make one console.

ABizzel12436d ago

Sony's the only one who can even consider the TV integration since they actually make TV's. If anything consoles will be services like Steam and Onlive. MS and Sony will move to digital only, and you can download your games to any appropriate device that's PlayStation or Xbox certified like Sony's already doing. That's the only way I see consoles leaving.

Now we'll be saying can it run Uncharted or Gears.

Madusha2436d ago

Exactly. Plus, there is not even a slight decrease in demand for gaming consoles. If anything, there will be more gaming consoles in 2020.

MechWarrior5792436d ago

plus the article talked about them being replaced for set top boxes. in that case i think the PS3 is safe then.

SirBillyBones2436d ago

Yahoo barely know fuck all about anything. They just scrape together what little knowledge they have and spew out this crappy articles.

Speed-Racer2436d ago

Well to be fair Yahoo didn't write that. It's a MainStreet article (never heard of them), and Yahoo just re-syndicates it under their name.

fatstarr2436d ago

woah this list is bugged.
videogame consoles will be around
cds and dvds in some form

and standalone gps systems will be around in 2020 for the simple fact that the most of the cars cars in 2011 dont have their own gps systems so in 2020 when those cars are used and people are buying em im sure they will buy a gps too. I cant stand my phone as a gps 1/2 the time

Sugreev20012436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

They should add themselves to that list,I doubt Yahoo would be around in 2020.

On topic,this is a poorly done list.Some gadgets are already obsolete in many homes,like DVD players and Low-End digital cameras.Auto Companies are already making GPS systems standard in cars,even low-end ones,so everyone knows standalone gps systems are on their way out.Some will remain a feature in poorer nations like Feature phones...and Video Game consoles will adapt with the times,just like always.

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