$201,000 Phone Bill not a Mistake

Perhaps you've faced the sticker shock of using your cell phone abroad, where roaming rates can reach as high as several dollars for each minute or few megabytes of data. Multiply that horror by a few thousand and you might begin to be able to empathize with Celina Aarons. The Florida resident recently opened her T-Mobile bill to find a balance due of $201,000.

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Blaine2378d ago

10$ per MEGABYTE just because he's in the *neighboring* country?? Now that is just flat out theft. These [expletive] phone companies can just charge whatever the hell they want.

Madusha2378d ago

Well they did agree to bring it down to $2500 but still a ridiculous price.

BluePumpkin72378d ago

i know i actually went to a neighboring country myself and used my 3g connection for a bit and i actually had pre paid for a 2000 megabytes a month plan but somehow that service disables itself when you're abroad and instead they chaarge you directly without warning and i ended up with a 400+ dollar bill

Blaine2378d ago

That's the worst part too: they have hidden ways to circumvent your contract and charge you exorbitant fees.

"2000mb plan? Not abroad you don't. That'll be 10$ per mb, and no, your 2000 *in zone* mb don't convert to anything abroad."

mcstorm2378d ago

This is wrong. There should be something built into the phones to let you know your nolinger using your home network and ask you do you want to use another one and let you know the prices.