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Google officially announces the Samsung Galaxy Nexus (Specs Included)

Just one hour before Google/Samsung's official phone and OS launch, they have already officially announced its new product, called the Galaxy Nexus.

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RonyDean2322d ago

Dang that that phone sounds sick! Much better than my triumph...

Speed-Racer2322d ago

Yea, I will definitely pick up one of these when it comes out.

gedapeleda2321d ago

Looks nice but will it blend

TVippy2321d ago

This joke is so old. :(

Syko2321d ago

Damn, Tough Crowd lol

fatstarr2321d ago

yes but be happy that the future versions of your phones will be beast. soon quad core phones will be out :D.

--Onilink--2321d ago

how much ram does the S2 has?? because everything else, aside from that absurdly gorgeuos HD screen, looks almost the same, except for the downgrade of the camera

PirosThe4th2321d ago

it's just an HD version of the galaxy s 2... with new android...
Man if i knew about this i should have waited.... got mine gs2 2 months ago... :P

RurouniKaze2321d ago Show
Dazel2321d ago

The S2 has better camera and faster graphics processor, the Nexus prime Ice Cream Sandwich, bigger screen and Android Beam etc.

Which do i pick??? Contract out right now.

Grip2321d ago (Edited 2321d ago )

Nexus much faster and nearly a double faster than S2 bucz of the android 4.0 support duel core

fatstarr2321d ago

I am sold the next gen of phones is on the way :D.

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