In rare miss, Apple 4Q earnings disappoint

Apple Inc. failed to set a new sales record in the last three months of founder and CEO Steve Jobs' life. Its financial results came in below expectations on Tuesday -- a rare miss for the company.

After several record quarters, the July-to-September period saw Apple biding its time, with no new iPhone or iPad releases.

Earnings and revenue rose from last year at rates that would be the envy of any large company, but investors had expected the seemingly unstoppable company to do even better.

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mcstorm2440d ago

I do think this will be he las big 12 months for apple and microsoft will be coming back with a bang next year with windows 8 amd windows phone 7. Appleare at a point now where they need to change to keep peopleinterested in there products but seeing ios5 they are not about to do this. Amdroid are starting to do this with the new android 4.0 but chrome os is deat at the moment. Microsoft late again to the market have been very clever this time by linking windows 8 windows phone 7 xbox 360 xbox live zune and sky drive all together as well as looking lime skype will join the party i see ms becomming the main os of choice over the next 18 months.

adorie2435d ago

no. iOS and Android will continue to keep marketshare away from microsoft.

microsoft will have a successful year with windows8, but as for mango or whatever, it's slow to make any kind of dent in either OS supremacy within the mobile market.

microsoft was late with their touch offerings, eventhough they have been talking about it and showing it off for years.

it took Apple to get the ball rolling and i expect Google to run with it if Apple doesn't continue to innovate.