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Watch An iPhone 4S and Samsung Galaxy S II Take Three Nasty Drops Onto Concrete

If you read/watch one iPhone 4s vs Samsung Galaxy S II comparison, make it this one. It’s the only one that really matters in real life anyway. As your phone is falling to its potential death, you’re not going to be thinking about processor clock speed, the amount of RAM, or what operating platform it runs. No, the next week of your life is going to flash in eyes as you think about how you’re going to spend countless hours replacing the phone and its contents.

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Madusha2407d ago (Edited 2407d ago )

Not surprised with the iPhone performance at all. Almost every i Product breaks easy when dropped. The Galaxy S II has amazed me yet again.

-Mezzo-2406d ago

Agreed, but seriously people have alot of extra time on their hands, this test was unneeded. :P

Speed-Racer2406d ago

Hopefully they didn;t camp out for that phone.

Cogan12405d ago

Really? People are suprised by this? Ok, so lets get a glass vase and a plastic bottle and be amazed when the bottle fairs out better. Idiots.