5 Surprising Reasons People are Buying the iPhone 4S


"The thought of an iPhone that looked the same as the previous model did not sit well with everyone at first, but with staggering record breaking sales topping 4 million devices sold in one weekend, what made everyone finally decide to buy the iPhone 4S? We’ve got the answers, but beware: the answers may surprise you."

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Speed-Racer2413d ago

The sad thing is...none are surprising. One of my friends bought a 4S to commemorate Jobs' death :|

Strongfist362412d ago

Haha. It made you read it though =]

People like Gruber said that it could hardly be a reason. Some reasons might be surprising to some and some people wont find it surprising at all.

-Mezzo-2412d ago

yup, not just your friend, alot of people are actually buying the iPhone 4S because it was the last iPhone "Steve" worked on.