Will $100 in Free Apps Make You Love BlackBerry Again?

AnalogHype:"RIM messed up. They know it and we know it but unlike other software/hardware manufacturers (*cough* Sony) they aim to make it all good again. How? With a cool hundo worth of apps for your formerly conked out phone. I mean, honestly, 4 days without service didn’t kill anybody (hopefully) but the fact that they’re bending over backwards to provide something good in kind is official in my book."

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BakedGoods2410d ago


The BB app store is awful. I couldn't imagine figuring out how to spend the $100 bucks on there.

xVeZx2410d ago

everybody should have sold their RIM stock after it was announced that the iphone was coming to verizon

RadioactiveTouch2410d ago

Short answer: 'Fuck yes.' It's rare for Blackberry to go down. We shouldn't go crazy over this one event. If you guys are looking for reasons to upgrade your BB to the latest Android or iPhone unit then man up and just buy it instead of looking for excuses. However, for the rest of us, Blackberry is still the most stable OS and the most reliable hardware.

DeFFeR2410d ago (Edited 2410d ago )

"Blackberry is still the most stable OS and the most reliable hardware."

Most stable OS? Stop drinking the Kool-Aid - the OS is garbage, and the appstore is a joke. The hardware isn't what it used to be - RIM got caught with their pants down during high demand, and got cheap with their production methods (hello Curve 8330...) and made some crappy phones for a few years.

When the market leader goes from first to third in a matter of 4 years, you know they haven't done something right... which is exactly what RIM and BB have done.

They have a lot of work to do to get back into this horse race...