iPad 3 Headed Into Production

AllThingsD: With the iPhone 4S arriving at market today, the never-sated Apple rumor mill is clamoring for more grist. And, as always, there’s plenty of it to be had, this time involving the iPad 3.

According to Susquehanna Financial analyst Jeff Fidacaro, the device is headed into production.

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-Mezzo-2411d ago (Edited 2411d ago )

Ahh, iPad 2S. :P

I really hope Siri isn't the only major update, but sadly judging by the Apple's history, it won't be a major upgrade.

Speed-Racer2410d ago

I heard they were upgrading the top left hand screen pixel and rebranding it as a totally new product.

Fel082410d ago

I would be happy with just a HD Display