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It was always going to happen. It seems the main reason for purchasing the iPhone 4S is the new Siri feature, which allows you to have conversation with your mobile device. So naturally, those who do not own an iPhone 4S desperately want Siri, and it seems modders are already on the case.

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Speed-Racer2410d ago

I'd siri-ously like to try this out when it does come for ipad.

thesoletech2410d ago

Best news i've heard so far. Hope this hacker succeeds :)

MaximusPrime2410d ago

problem with Siri on iphone 4 or ipad is that you need Apple server. Last i heard is that Apple server constantly reject it thus making Siri useless.

fatstarr2409d ago

smh apple is always blocking off attempts at making their software better and more accessible. 4s is just a software update if you ask me. why android will forever be better