Baby Thinks Magazine is an iPad

Did Apple guru Steve Jobs show us the future for mankind? This techno-baby seems to think so.

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crxss2286d ago (Edited 2286d ago )

looks like that kid is in need of an education, fashion mags aren't cutting it :D

kulex472286d ago

OMG I Want 1:26 of my life back...

laid2rest2286d ago

Stupid kid stupid article stupid waste of time.

zag2286d ago

I think it's a bit stupid as a kid won't care if it has an ipad or a mag, notice that the kid see if the mag will do anything with it's hand and when it doesn't but instead turns the pages, which finds interesting as well.

Yet when it uses an ipad all it finds funny is the screen changing but turning pages is the same thing, it probably can't fingure out how or why a flat objects changes or moves, while it can see and feel the pages turning and changing in it's hands.

marcoskids2286d ago

That is pretty sad to be honest.

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