Samsung ambushes Apple's iPhone 4S launch in Sydney

SMH: Samsung has ambushed the launch of the iPhone 4S by offering $2 smartphones in a temporary shop just metres away from the official Sydney Apple store.

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-Mezzo-2444d ago

2 freaking Dollars, for a $700 phone, this is madness.

It sucks that these types of promotions never happen here where i live, Here a $500 phone costs $900 & a $700 phone costs a ridiculous $1200.

snoop_dizzle2443d ago (Edited 2443d ago )

Do older phones stay near their price as well? Many times over here in the states you can find good deals with subsidized plans, especially if it's an older phone. Even on something like an older iPhone can be picked up for pretty cheap. Although, that's subsidized and tied to a carrier.

I can't imagine paying $1200 up front for a phone. What are 3g-based tablets like then? Lol

But I would like to see a similar deal. I've been eyeing the Galaxy SII. But since I'm already on contract, even if they did have the deal, I'd probably just be paying half the full price of the phone on Sprint. Although, that might be in April when I supposedly get a deal on upgrading my phone if I wish.

fatstarr2435d ago

I still respect samsung so much for doing this.