5 reasons why not to buy the iPhone 4S

MDG:With all due respect to Steve Jobs, the Apple iPhone 4S did NOT make a believer out of me. Maybe the iPhone 5 will put to shame nice devices like the Samsung Nexus S, the Galaxy S2 or the not-released Nexus Prime, but the 4S has some downsides or better to say it fails to impress as we expected.And we are going to show you what.

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iamnsuperman2415d ago (Edited 2415d ago )

The only positive things I have seen is the Siri thing (but in the UK apparently not working properly yet) apparently solves the antenna issues (which I never really found a problem with the iphone 4) and it is faster with bigger memory and now has a camera that can compete. Not really that great for an improvement considering a lot is standard now. The Iphone 4s is what the iphone 4 should have been like but was last year. A lot of other companies have stepped their game up since then

altairahmad2415d ago

In short the 5 reasons are all but same...upcoming Android phones have Super HD resolution, 4.65" screen size, dual to quad core processors with dedicated GPU, at least 1 GB RAM...

This thing called 4s is here to stay for a year and in that time android phones are going to go to six core probably if they continue at the same pace.

The answer apple has come up with i.e 4S is not satisfactory at all. present day android phones and windows ones as well beat the hell out of 4S specs wise and in price-to-specs ratio...

You want more with your hard earned cash dont you ? That is why you should not get the 4S !

Speed-Racer2415d ago

1 reason not to buy it: Nexus Prime.

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xX_Altair_Xx2415d ago

The iPhone5, Galaxy S3 and Nexus Prime will all be out soon.

fatstarr2415d ago

Smartest answer. 4s isnt even a real upgrade its not even a.5 upgrade its a .25 upgrade if you ask me. upgrading from a flip phone with no camera to a flip phone with a camera

Huma2415d ago

The battery comparison in this article is totally wrong. I am certain that the 4S has better than "14 Hours" of audio playback.

There are many compelling arguments for Android over iPhone, but I really don't think battery performance is one of them.

The hardware comparison is also moot when the 4S beats spec behemoths like the Galaxy S2 in benchmarks and real world performance.

Im crossing my fingers that ICS will tip the scale in Android's favour!

2414d ago
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