Sony To Lead Industry In Accepting Android Modification

GIR Writes: Android is many things to many people, but as one of the most used operating systems on cell phones and tablets, it has led the way for some pretty cool games too, establishing itself as a mobile platform along side iOS. Now it would appear that there is to be fresh support for the people who prefer to modify the device and it’s software, giving themselves and us more freedom with what we do with our devices.

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outwar60102443d ago

start with allowing people to modify your ps3 a bet someone could easily mod it to do cross voice chat with ease !

Anarki2443d ago

No. Modifying the PS3 will bring piracy which will cripple the industry. Android is just an operating system for a PHONE! It just so happens to support games.

outwar60102443d ago

Thats what every who has a ps3 only says piracy is crazy on the pc and the 360 and the psp but all the aforementioned consoles had extremely good game sales and the first two had cross game chat hell on my pc i could skype who ever the hell i want and play a game. Why is it people get cross game chat on the vita but not Sony's flag ship console? don't tell me ram because it doesn't take much to implement cross game chat.