Should you upgrade to iOS 5?

Yahoo - Apple's new mobile operating system is finally nigh and imminent. Apple fans have been eagerly awaiting iOS 5 since it was announced in June. Last week, Apple CEO Tim Cook confirmed an October 12 release date for iOS 5, at the same time that he revealed the iPhone 4S. Apple mobile devices like the iPad and iPhone are eligible to upgrade to a brave new world of cloud computing, with exciting new notification features and money-saving messaging.

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Speed-Racer2414d ago

Unless your iDevice is jailbroken, it's a somewhat foolish question. Always Always stay up-to-date. If you are unsure, hold of for a short while to see how it works on others' devices and then decide.

Madusha2413d ago

Haha yes. I was just thinking - Is this even a question? I'm still stuck on 3.2 with my jailbroken 2G iPod Touch LOL. It can't even run iOS 5 anyway.

Bolts2413d ago

Giving up Miwi for my jailbroken iphone 4 sucks, but I'm still upgrading!

-Mezzo-2413d ago

Everyone with an "i" device would have already updated, but i always wait for almost a Month before downloading it, you never know when a Faulty OS Upgrade get released.

If it was upto me i would even wait for a month before i update my PS3, but sadly it doesn't let me play online unless i update to the latest firmware.