iOS 5 - The Good, The Mediocre, The Bad & The Ugly

Bright Hub: Apple promises that there are over 200 new features in iOS 5 – I’m not going to count them, I trust they can do basic math – but many of these are going to be such small changes that you aren’t likely to notice them. Which ones will make you stand up and pay attention?

I’m going to take a look at the stuff you are really interested in and see if Apple delivers on the promise to be years ahead of any other OS.

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Friendly_fiend2416d ago

There are few flaws with iOS 5. On my wifi only iPad 2 it sometimes picks up 3G signals. Every now and then In the top left hand cover it shows O2-uk

maddfoxx2416d ago

Dont understand the authors reasoning with his "bad". Apple never claimed that Siri will be included in iOS 5. They said it would only come with the 4S.

I do understand the authors reasoning behind the "ugly". I would like to view the weather and other news feeds without opening apps.

Speed-Racer2416d ago

Clearly the author missed the fact that Siri was going to be a big selling factor for the 4S...why would they include it in older versions? I know a lot of ppl who bought the 4S just to try out Siri...

Ya I don't get the ugly part either... ever noticed how the most functional apps and websites are most of the times the most basic in nature? People sometimes let looks get in the way of real functionality.

Vaud-Villian2415d ago

Can't you get weather from the notifications pull down?

caseh2415d ago

Fuck all that, get an android and you can have the weather as a widget. No need to open the app ;)

ChrisW2415d ago

Wow... those negative comments are so petty that they make me wonder if the author is happy with his life.

Stana2415d ago (Edited 2415d ago )

I thought that this ios5 is gona put my 3gs to it's knees.
Turned out that it is better working than ios4.
My 3gs is buttery smooth. Everything works...even photo editing that was not included in the 3gs.
Best ios ever!!! And Apple...FTW for supporting old devices properly!!!!!!!!

PirosThe4th2415d ago

fail... that siri shit was on android phones since the early days :P
I'll try this on my 3gs later.
though Galaxy s2 ftw