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Toilet Bike Runs On, Yup, Human Waste

Poop, it’s the new coal, at least according to Japan’s largest toilet manufacturer, Toto, who — believe it or not — has recently released a three-wheel bike powered by human excrement. No. We are not making this crap up.

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fatstarr2447d ago

Lmao japan has to be the worlds leaders in shit science. food, drinking water and now vehicles .
smh when am i gonna see a fully functional Gundam from them.

Madusha2447d ago

They are the leader at creating whack products no one will ever use.

fatstarr2446d ago

funny thing is that i see a potential market for all of this shit energy. remember at one time everyone thought some new product was whack or wacky that no one would use.

-Mezzo-2446d ago

Damn, that is so disgusting. :P

I wish they had a solution for all the STINK.