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TechExclusive: HTC Desire Z Android Mobile Phone

TechExclusive: "HTC’s Desire Z is everything you could possibly want in a smartphone with just enough added features and benefits to make it one of the most exciting gadgets you can invest in."

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Captain Tuttle2447d ago

Seems like a pretty average phone to me.

Unless it's free with a contract or something.

KingPin2447d ago

i have this phone for about 8 months now.

it does everything i need it to do and then some.

its upgradable to Gingerbread, which is a good thing.

and then theres a certain app that goes by the name of vlingo....install that and you feel like Tony Stark.

all in all, iv never had one complaint about my phone.

but when it comes to android devices, theres nothing much that seperates them per say, but for me personally, the qwerty keryboard was a huge factor. not many droids have a keyboard, or one thats so comfy to use.