iOS 5.0 is live, download it now

At last iOS 5.0 is available for download, load up iTunes, connect your iDevice and click "Check for Updates" to grab it... if you experience problems let us know in the comments section.

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Speed-Racer2232d ago (Edited 2232d ago )

Spot on? iOS 5 was out since 7AM this morning on a limited basis. (EST)

iphuture2232d ago

No it went live at 6.00pm in the UK, and we predicted 5.30pm. It went live (properly) 45 minutes ago

Speed-Racer2232d ago

That's great and all but I'm telling you a lot of ppl in North America has it very early in the morning.

Fel082231d ago

I don't know where u live, but in most places in America, it went live around 1pm EST

Speed-Racer2231d ago

CIA or something, cause I got it at 7:30 this morning (EST). So lucky I didn't have to deal with slow downloads.

MaximusPrime2232d ago

downloading and its estimated to be 7 hours long. many people are downloading at same time! arrrrggghhh

-Mezzo-2231d ago

Still haven't had the time to Download it for my iPad.

gaffyh2231d ago

It must have taken ten tries for me before it finally worked!