This Is Why Steve Jobs Wore The Mock Turtleneck & Jeans

Gawker-"Steve Jobs's black turtlenecks helped make him the world's most recognizable CEO. But the Apple co-founder wouldn't have worn them if his employees had accepted the nylon jacket he proposed as a corporate uniform instead. Before he died, Jobs himself explained his sartorial signature to biographer Walter Isaacson, in an interview published for the first time below."

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Speed-Racer2327d ago

A style *pff* Guy looked like a bum with those jeans and sneakers.

tarbis2325d ago

Even if you wore million dollar suit and were put side by side with him. People are more likely to shake his hand and not yours.

fatstarr2327d ago

oh no are they seriously serious?

Corepred42326d ago

Cool read, i guess. Turtleneck never bothered me. It was the jeans. they were 501s supposedly but they always looked like crap.

Winkle922326d ago

Wow he literally bought a hundred of the same turtlenecks to wear to work everyday? Bet they would grab a pretty penny at auction, though that doesn't seem like something the family would do... :P Just sayin.

SolDojo2326d ago

It would be pretty weird(in the creepy sense)to sell them, but I can see something like that happening if the family donated the money to a foundation which is doing research on cancer.

Winkle922326d ago

Yeah that was a joke. But a bad one... nevermind.

gaden_malak2326d ago

It's like he was from the simpsons.

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