Icrontic: AMD Bulldozer (FX-8150) CPU review

It’s known by many names: Zambezi, Bulldozer, and FX to name a few. AMD calls it the future of computing.

It’s clear, however, that what they might be saying instead is “Welcome to the future of gaming.”

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gw4k2386d ago

This site needs to check their data again. I've read three other reviews and they all said the same; very underwhelming!

Especially when it came to gaming, this would lag behind the i7 2600K greatly!

Even when it came to media encoding and etc, the 8 cores couldn't come close to the i7 2600K.

Again, check your data. Something is wrong here.

aaaaaaaaa2385d ago (Edited 2385d ago )

Well for once I'm lost for words only for laughing then crying then laughing then I noticed I'm sat in a puddle.

There went my idea for my next build and for the first time for as long as I can remember I'm about to ditch AMD CPU, sad feeling but I've got to get more for my money this time.

I also think AMD's market share of 33% is going to take a real hammering over the next year or so, at least they will still have their Radeon division unless the mess up the HD 7000 series.