Traffic plunges for Google+ as 60% of users log off

DailyMail: Google has tried a number of different approaches, but none seem to get enough people to 'like' their social networking program, Google+.

By keeping it's new social networking invite-only, Google was hoping to amp up anticipation of Google+.

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-Mezzo-2443d ago (Edited 2443d ago )

Well this isn't much of a surprise, the traffic was definitely gonna get down after launch, alot of people (With no plans of staying) just came in to see what all the fuzz was about & now they left.

It's not that the Google+ is doing badly.

Speed-Racer2443d ago

Title is a bit sensational...they indeed gained traffic... 40% if you want to argue. However this is traffic and not user activity, so to say it plunged, it a bit over the top.

Cat2442d ago

Google+ made me feel...old. I "early adopted" then ditched it after a week. I'm just tired of high maintenance social networking...and, well, creating logins. Yeah, how old and boring is that? I'm sick of making profiles.

Time is my internet currency, and there isn't enough to go around anymore.

raytraceme2442d ago

Hey Google want to change the 18+ only restriction???

Speed-Racer2442d ago

Why would they do that :S

Then might as well they close it down if they do.

billy20102439d ago

That's not a bad thing. We need a diversified web.