Asus Zenbook UX21 and UX31 arrive on October 12th, start at $999

ThisIsMyNext: "Let the ultrabook wars begin! Hot on the heels of Acer’s S3 pricing and availability announcement, Asus CEO Jonney Shih has taken the stage in NYC to reveal details of its newly-named Zenbook UX21 and UX31. The new name is supposed to be indicative of the “peace of mind” and “balance of elegance and power” provided by the machine; however, a new name doesn’t mean a new design or product. The 11.6- and 13.3-inch Zenbooks are identical to the ones we saw at IFA and IDF — the aluminum chassis measures .11 to .67-inches in thickness, weighs 2.9 pounds (the 11.6 weighs 2.4), the lid has an interesting halo effect, and the machine resumes from sleep in two seconds."

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snoop_dizzle2386d ago (Edited 2386d ago )

Looks pretty solid. I was initially looking at the X1 and MBA, but on the X1 the SSD wasn't standard and you were stuck with a 1336x768 screen. Now it looks like if I were to jump on an ultrabook it would either be this or the MBA. The one thing that does concern me is that overly-glossy hood. I would like the backlit keyboard, though, and with the MBA I could run Lion and W7. But this still looks like a pretty solid device.

The more I've been seeing the performance of ultrabooks with sandy bridge and SSD's, I've really been eyeing them. They are getting so small that carrying a laptop around to the office, to classes, or wherever would be awesome. I will likely have a pretty powerful desktop soon to go with it if I need power. But I might be holding off on the ultrabook until next year. Although, by then Ivy Bridge might be out, but I am unsure.