Next Generation Xbox already in the works?

It seems that a few Microsoft developers may have accidentally let out information about a potentially new Xbox gaming system in the works, via their LinkedIn accounts.

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RonyDean2416d ago

We all knew this already, but it is kinda nice to know that IT IS being created and should be here not to long from now.

Speed-Racer2415d ago

Hopefully they avoid overheating issues like last time.

-Mezzo-2415d ago

Agreed, they should take their time with it & make sure it's another Hardware failure.

Gaming consoles are the only thing i adopt early on, but after the whole "RROD" catastrophe i think i'll wait for about 8/10 months before picking it up.

I can bet on a 2013 release date for PS4 & Xbox720.

mcstorm2415d ago

I dont know why people keep bringing up rrod yes ms made a mistakeearly this gen but dealt with it very well and fixed the problem but if you all remember he gen before he xbox had the lest problems out of them all.

Cant wait to see what ms offer next though as the wii u looks interesting but a new xbox with more kinect integration sounds like it could be a winner for them next gen.

fr0sty2415d ago

Um... it took them several years to finally stop the issue. Yes, they're not the only company to ever release a faulty console, but none the less there is no reason to defend the way they handled it. They should have redesigned the box immediately instead of making people go through several boxes over the course of a few years. That was a lot of unnecessary inconvenience.

fatstarr2414d ago

I hope the next one is on some sort of generation 6 level.

aka ps2 gcn and xbox.

that was when the industry was at its peak and devs didnt come up with cop out excuses that the graphics aren't up to par.

this e3 better be good

Horny Melon2415d ago

"Already?" This console generation is almost over. They start development on the next console as soon as they ship the first one. Expect new consoles in 2013.

Speed-Racer2415d ago (Edited 2415d ago )


sjaakiejj2415d ago

I wouldn't say "Already", as in the tech-industry it's bloody obvious that Ps4 and Xbox 720 have been in the works for years, even if Sony and Microsoft don't confirm it.

ChrisW2415d ago (Edited 2415d ago )

I really dislike these articles! They're rather dumb.
Here's why:

In this day and age, any console maker wanting to stay on top starts the ball rolling for their next console days after (if not before) their current console is launched. It took Sony four years to develop the Cell, starting in 2001.* The PS2 was released in 2000. You'd better believe that Sony started drawing plans for potential processors for the PS3 around then.

And it's only common sense that Microsoft and Nintendo follow the same strategies for their next consoles.


Cat2415d ago

Yeah, cracks me up. Development is an ongoing process, it isn't like they sent a whole bunch of employees home from work after launch with a paycheck and a bottle of champagne, "See ya in 5 yrs!".

outwar60102415d ago

so i shouldn't buy an annual pass for my 360?

fatstarr2414d ago

im pretty sure it will be transferable some how?
because its gonna be the same account but you never know the money hungry corporations be on some ish sometimes.

outwar60102412d ago

thx for the reply im on the fence lol if i find it cheap im going for it

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