Man attacks wife for not ‘liking’ his status

A Pecos, Texas man was arrested and charged for allegedly beating his wife for not liking his Facebook status update.

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RonyDean2444d ago

This here is a good reason why older people should not be on Facebook... ; )

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Madusha2444d ago

This and that grown man who found and strangled a kid who mocked him on a Call of Duty game (N4G) are the strangest things I've seen this month (so far).

fatstarr2443d ago

as funny and as wrong as he is. he does have a point Id like my wife in the future to like that type of status. lol no reason the beat her up tho.

Cat2443d ago

warning: when you're actually married you'll find that your spouse is the *last* person on earth to wish you a happy birthday on social networking, "like" anything of yours on facebook or "<3" your instagram pics - why? b/c you guys are married, you don't need social networking to get that **** done! :D

Speed-Racer2443d ago

Yea as Cat said, once you get into a relationship and/or married, social networks are the last place you express feelings for one another.

fatstarr2443d ago

Haha I guess its an older thing. i got shit for not liking and commenting and interacting with someones facebook lol she wanted everyone to know . -_- this generation is gonna be the most messed up one yet.

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