iPhone 4S ships with 512MB RAM - Disappointed ?

hackslurp-"Apple’s new iPhone 4S was expected to have 1 GB RAM. But it seems like iPhone 4S has only 512 MB RAM. The doubts about iPhone 4S memory size raised last week when Donald Mustard, Chair Entertainment’s Creative Director, mentioned that iPhone 4s comes with 512 MB RAM. Mustard had been involved in the development of Infinity Blade 2 which was presented in demo at Let’s Talk iPhone."

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contra1572390d ago

it may have 512mb but its system might be designed to not be so ram needed, hey take a look at the Microsoft phones no dual core and runs better then android for the most part.

altairahmad2390d ago

You may be right but thats another thing. The point here is tgat if apple had explicitly stated 512 MB RAM then preorders wouldnt have been so high.

512 is clearly not enough. Needed or not this number is half of what ansroid has to offer.

Gondee2390d ago

Iphone users don't really care about the RAM. Its about the experience using the phone. Android phones could have 4 gigs of RAM, it wont make it feel any snappier. It lacks hardware acceleration and numerous other optimizations that are difficult because of fragmentation.

Madusha2390d ago

Disappointed? Nope. That 512MB has been optimized to give 2X the speed of the old iPhone.