Netflix listens to customers. Qwikster is no more

Qwikster was just a bad idea all around. Netflix finally admits it.

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Madusha2443d ago

Haha the whole thing was a mess from the start. The name 'Qwikster' is just...desperate. Feel bad for the guy who was trying to sell the #Qwikster twitter handle.

fatstarr2443d ago

at least they are working on fixing it. is that dream works part a typo 2013 is a long time for some kids movies to be available to stream... I wish there was something that i could pay $10 a month a legally stream from 3 of the most popular sources... and people wonder why piracy is an option.

Fel082443d ago

If they actually listened to their costumers, they would've not raised their prices to begin with.